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The {{court case}} template is used to make a citation for a judicial opinion (the result of a court case). Sources that use the {{court case}} template are added to Category:Court case sources.

Full syntax

Template Parameter Description
{{court case
title The title of the court case, e.g., Marbury v. Madison.
volume The volume number of the reporter that contains this case.
reporter An abbreviation for the publication that is reporting the case.
year The year of the case.
url One or more URLs where the decision can be found.
in A citation for the reporter itself, i.e., a publication containing the ordinance, ideally with a page number or range. Multiple citations can be specified, separated by spaces.
note A note to be appended to the end of the citation.
source-name The page name of this source (in the "Source" namespace). This is used to provide a link to the source page.

Usage examples

{{court case
 |title=Mercer v. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad

Mercer v. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad, 36 Pa. 99 (1859). https://cite.case.law/pa/36/99/. In Pennsylvania State Reports: Comprising cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, vol. XXXVI, pp. 99–104, Kay & Brother, Philadelphia, 1861 (Google Books O_8_AAAAYAAJ). [view source]mercer-v-pfwc