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Television Hill Street
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Origin of name Television Hill, site of the WPXI transmitter

The block of Cemetery Street between Lanark Street and Meadville Street was renamed Television Hill Street by a City Council resolution in 1981.[1] The name refers to Television Hill, the site of the WPXI television transmitter.

In 1953, the FM radio station WKJF began calling Duquesne Heights "Television Hill" in its broadcasts, in anticipation of adding a television station.[2] However, WKJF-TV lasted less than a year, and its broadcasting license was sold; its modern successor is WPGH-TV. WPXI signed on the air in 1957 as WIIC, and the name "Television Hill" came to refer to its hill instead.

Current street signs and the city's planning map call the street just "Television Hill,"[3] but officially the name includes the word Street.[1]


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