Sheridan Square

From Pittsburgh Streets
Sheridan Square
Neighborhood East Liberty
Origin of name Sheridan Square theater
Washington Street (until 1881)
Origin of name George Washington
Wilburforce Street (1881–1888)
Sheridan Street (1888–1914)
Origin of name Philip Sheridan

Sheridan Square is the last block of Sheridan Avenue, from Penn Avenue to Centre Avenue.

It appears, unlabeled, in the 1862 map of S. N. and F. W. Beers.[1] The 1882 Hopkins atlas shows it as Washington Street.[2]

It was officially renamed Wilburforce Street by an 1881 city ordinance establishing the names of all streets in Pittsburgh; it was one of seven streets named Washington that were renamed to fix the duplication with Washington Street in the Lower Hill (today Washington Place).[3] This name was probably an unintentional misspelling, as the more common spelling of the name is Wilberforce. Indeed, the same ordinance spelled the name Wilberforce when giving it as the terminus of Shakespeare Street.[3] The 1890 Hopkins atlas labels it Wilberforce Street.[4]

An 1888 city ordinance (which used the spelling Wilberforce) made it part of Sheridan Street, today Sheridan Avenue.[5]

The name Sheridan Square was chosen in 1913 for a theater on the triangular lot bounded by Penn, Centre, and Sheridan Avenues,[6][7] and the city council approved a corresponding name change for the street shortly after the theater opened.[8][9][10]

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