Scott Street

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Not to be confused with Scott Place, an alley between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.
Scott Street
Neighborhood Central Business District
Origin of name Thomas Scott
Fate Eliminated in the late 1950s for the Civic Arena

This former street was laid out in 1833 by Thomas Scott, Rees Townsend, and Thomas S. Clarke, and was named for the first of these men. The plan of lots also included Townsend Street and Clarke Street.[1]

George T. Fleming wrote in 1915, "We have Scott street—not much of a street, but an old one on the 'Hill,' named for Gen. Winfield Scott, who served in three wars, 1812, Mexico and in 1861."[2] Fleming seems to be in error here.

Scott Street was eliminated in the late 1950s as part of an urban renewal project to make way for the Civic Arena. See Epiphany Street for more about the demolition of the Lower Hill District. The former location of Scott Street is now the site of PPG Paints Arena.


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