Saturn Way

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Saturn Way
Neighborhood Central Northside
Shields Alley (until 1896)
Origin of name Samuel Shields
Saturn Alley (1896–1914)

This alley appears in R. E. McGowin's 1852 map, where it is labeled Shield's Alley[1] (later written as Shields Alley).[2][3] This name probably referred to Samuel Shields, who owned the parcel of land bounded by this alley, Carroll Street (today Armandale Street), Coffee Street (today Garfield Avenue), and Jackson Street (today Jacksonia Street).[4]

It was renamed Saturn Alley by an Allegheny city ordinance in 1896.[3] It became Saturn Way in 1914, when a Pittsburgh city ordinance changed all alleys to ways.[5]

Bob Regan includes "Saturn" in a list of astronomy-related street names,[6]:68 and also includes it in his "Streets of Pittsburgh" crossword puzzle, clued as "Giant planet that is surrounded by three planar concentric rings of ice particles; the sixth planet from the sun."[6]:185


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