Pittview Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Pittview Avenue
Neighborhoods Spring Garden, Troy Hill
Origin of name Its view of Pittsburgh
Hill Street (until ca. 1890)
Lowry's Lane (ca. 1890 – ca. 1919)

This street appears, unlabeled, in the 1876 Hopkins atlas as part of the boundary of Allegheny City,[1] a status it had gained in 1872 when Allegheny annexed part of Reserve Township.[2] It was originally named Hill Street.[3][4] By 1890 it had been made part of Lowry's Lane (not the same as nearby Lowrie Street).[5][6]

It seems to have been omitted in the 1910 Pittsburgh city ordinance establishing the names of all streets in the city, three years after the annexation of Allegheny.[7] The name Pittview Avenue was in use by 1919.[8][9] The name comes from its view of the city of Pittsburgh.[10]

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