Orwell Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Orwell Way
Neighborhood Bloomfield
Oak Alley (until 1881)
Orwell Alley (1881–1914)

This alley was originally named Oak Alley. It was renamed Orwell Alley by a city ordinance in 1881.[1] It became Orwell Way in 1914 when another ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[2]

Bob Regan includes "Orwell" in a list of streets named for noted historical people; he implies in a crossword puzzle at the end of his book that it is named for the British author George Orwell (1903–1950).[3] However, it is clear that this cannot be true, as the author was born more than 20 years after the name Orwell was given to the Pittsburgh alley, and moreover he did not begin using the pseudonym George Orwell until he was nearly 30 years old.


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