Maddock Place

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Maddock Place
Neighborhood Central Business District
Origin of name William or Gallen Meddock
Maddock's Alley (until 1895)
Origin of name William or Gallen Meddock

Maddock's Alley is listed in James M. Riddle and M. M. Murray's 1819 Pittsburgh directory.[1] It appears in the 1830 map of Jean Barbeau and Lewis Keyon, labeled simply "Alley," between Irwin Street (today's Seventh Street) and Irwin's Alley (today's Eighth Street).[2] A bill was introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature in 1851 to open Mattock's [sic] Alley as a public highway.[3] It is named Maddock Alley in Colton's 1856 map[4] and the Hopkins atlases of 1889 and 1900.[5][6] The name was variously spelled Mattock's Alley[3][7] or Maddox Alley.[8] The name was changed from Maddocks [sic] Alley to Maddock Place in 1895; other downtown alleys were similarly renamed.[9]

The name was originally Meddock. It may refer to William Meddock, who is listed in James M. Riddle's 1815 Pittsburgh directory as a lumber merchant on the north side of Irwin Street between Penn Street (today's Penn Avenue) and the river, i.e., at the location of this alley.[10] Or it may refer to Gallen Meddock, listed in the 1819 directory as a trader on Meddock's alley.[1] In any case, these appearances of the name Meddock make it clear that this was the original spelling; as further confirmation, the 1819 directory also lists James Means as a nailer on Meddock's alley. However, in the list of streets in that directory, the name of the alley is spelled Maddock (though alphabetized after Market Street, where Meddock should be), and that is the spelling that stuck.

Compare nearby Cecil Place, Barkers Place, Scott Place, and Irwin's Alley (today's Eighth Street), which were similarly named for people living at those locations.


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