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Court Place
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Two different one-block-long streets in Pittsburgh have borne the name Court Place, both as a result of petitions by lawyers.

The western end of Wylie Avenue, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, was renamed Court Place in 1930[1] for its location across Fifth Avenue from the Allegheny County Courthouse. The name change was urged by Louis Little, a lawyer whose office was on the street, because of the bad reputation of Wylie Avenue.[2][3] This street was eliminated in 1981 as part of the development of the Grant Street East project. The project, part of Mayor Richard Caliguiri's Renaissance II, included the construction of the Steel Plaza subway station and a 54-story skyscraper, today BNY Mellon Center, on the site where Court Place ran. The new street configuration, which also closed Tunnel Street and changed Sixth Avenue and Ross Street, was designed to simplify intersections, reduce odd-shaped blocks, and improve traffic flow.[4][5][6][7]

Three blocks south of the courthouse, on Second Avenue between Ross Street and Grant Street, is Pittsburgh's traditional Chinatown. It reached its peak in the early 1920s, but about half of its buildings were torn down in 1921 for the construction of the Boulevard of the Allies. This was followed by the Great Depression and the Japanese invasion of China, which stifled the community's growth. Chinatown went into a slow decline. In the 1970s, a wave of law firms moved into the district, and in 1984 the lawyers successfully petitioned the city to change the name of this block of Second Avenue, north of the Boulevard of the Allies, to Court Place.[8][9][10][11] This is the Court Place that exists today.


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