Brownsville Road

From Pittsburgh Streets
Brownsville Road
Neighborhoods Carrick, Knoxville
Origin of name Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Brownsville Road was a branch of the National Road,[1][2] which opened from Cumberland, Maryland, through Brownsville and Washington, Pennsylvania, to Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1818.[3] Brownsville Road split off from the main road at Brownsville, from which the road gets its name; from Pittsburgh it was the principal route to Brownsville.[4][1][2][5] The old Brownsville Road followed the route of modern Arlington Avenue to the Monongahela River.[1][2]

See also

  • South 18th Street, part of which was once the Brownsville Plank Road
  • Wenzell Avenue, labeled "Brownsville Road" (perhaps mistakenly) in the 1905 and 1910 Hopkins atlases


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