Ater Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Ater Way
Neighborhood Lower Lawrenceville
Lawrence Alley (1870s)
Origin of name James Lawrence
Ash Alley (1881–1910)
Origin of name Perhaps the ash tree
Ater Alley (1910–1914)

This alley appears, unlabeled, in R. E. McGowin's 1852 map.[1] It is labeled Lawrence Alley in the 1872 Hopkins atlas.[2]

Bruce S. Cridlebaugh says that Lawrence Alley was named for "John Lawrence, naval commander,"[3] likely an error for James Lawrence (1781–1813), after whom Lawrenceville is named.[4][5][6][7] Cridlebaugh associates Lawrence Alley with modern 37th Street,[3] apparently also in error.

An 1881 ordinance establishing the names of all streets in Pittsburgh named this alley Ash Alley,[8] perhaps for the ash tree (genus Fraxinus). Three ash species are native to western Pennsylvania: the white ash Fraxinus americana, the black ash Fraxinus nigra, and the green or red ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica.[9][10]

In 1910, over 900 streets were renamed in order to fix duplicates. Ash Alley conflicted with Ash Street in Brighton Heights (which no longer exists), so it was renamed Ater Alley.[11] Ater Alley became Ater Way in 1914 when an ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[12]


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