Apollo Street

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Apollo Street
Neighborhood Polish Hill
Origin of name Probably the Greek god Apollo
Fort Street (until 1901)

This street appears in the 1889 Hopkins atlas as Fort Street.[1] It was renamed Apollo Street in 1901 to fix the duplication with Fort Street near the Point.[2]

The name is that of Apollo, one of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology. Several other new street names given by the 1901 ordinance are also Greek: Cynthia, Eudora, Eunice, Ionia, Ithaca, Penelope, Perseus, and Thisbe, and perhaps also Artemus, maybe a misspelling of Artemis.[2]

Bob Regan includes "Apollo" in a list of astronomy-related street names,[3] although the connection to astronomy is rather tenuous. Apollo is the god of the sun, among other things, and NASA's Apollo program achieved the first human moon landing in 1969, but clearly the moon landing has nothing to do with the Pittsburgh street name.

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