Notes:Troy Hill Road

From Pittsburgh Streets

Source:Nine-hills: "No significance is attached to the name of Troy hill."

Source:Miller, p. 55: "On the North Side, three hills tower above the Allegheny River—Troy Hill, which was originally Mt. Troy; . . . ."

Source:Bloom-villages: "On the Northside are four towering hills: Troy Hill, originally Mt. Troy; . . . ."

Source:Regan, p. 49: "Troy Hill ¶ Elizabeth Seymore, born in Troy, New York, named this area after her birthplace."

"Troy Hill road" mentioned in 1863: 85977588.

Source:Allegheny-councils-1871-12-30: "The Troy Hill Road. ¶ The most important improvement in contemplation is that of the Troy Hill road. The district to be made accessible by this road is rapidly growing in population, wealth and influence. A plan has been submitted and approved by Councils, widening this thoroughfare to a uniform width of forty feet, and fixing such a grade as will make it easy of access. Legislation has already been procured to extend Lowrie street, located on Troy Hill, through Reserve township and Millvale borough, to connect with the Ewalt street bridge."

Source:Allegheny-councils-1872-02-09: "The committee also had under consideration the propriety of enacting a supplement to the present bill, providing for the improvement of the Troy Hill road, and the Committee drew up the supplement and asked Council to approve it."

Source:Allegheny-outlets (1890): "At present Allegheny has no free outlet whatever, except a by-road leading from Troy hill."

Source:Ordinance-1925-175: (Parts of?) Gardner Street, Ley Street, Lowrie Street, and Rialto Street changed to Troy Hill Road. See also Source:137-streets, Source:150-cases.

Source:Ordinance-1925-537: Parts of Troy Hill Road renamed Gardner Street and Lowrie Street.

Source:Ordinance-1934-360: Parts of Troy Hill Road renamed Ley Street and Rialto Street.