Notes:North Charles Street

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1852: George Breed plan laying out Union Avenue. Plan Book 2, p. 27.

1858: John Taggart plan laying out Taggart Street. Plan Book 2, p. 113.

1866: George Breed plan laying out Union Avenue and part of Charles Street. Plan Book 3, pp. 138–139.

George Breed:

Source:Thurston-1870: Allegheny street directory does not mention Taggart Street or Union Avenue.

Source:Boone-1871@37: "TAGGART, from Washington av to Union av, bt New Brighton road and Pasture lane"; "UNION AVENUE, from Nixon to Uniondale Cemetery, east New Brighton road, 2d ward"

Source:Boone-1872@13: "TAGGART, from Washington av to Hilldale cemetry [sic], bt West End av and Irwin av"

Source:Hopkins-1872@2 shows Taggart Street running north from Washington Avenue (today California Avenue) to modern Nublock Street, then Union Street angling northwest from there to Strawberry Avenue (today Island Avenue/Izora Street). This was the northern boundary of Allegheny at the time. The road continued north (with tracks of the Pleasant Valley Railway).

1874-03-12: "An ordinance repealing an ordinance for the opening of Charles street from Taggart street to Perrysville Road." 86345517. Repealed ordinance was ordained and enacted May [8th?], [1873?].

Source:Hopkins-1876@52–53 shows Charles Street north of the former Allegheny city line, following the course of modern North Charles Street to the Perrysville Plank Road.

1882: No change from 1872–1876.

Source:Hopkins-1882@34 labels the plan of lots through which Taggart Street runs "John Taggart." Modern Nublock Street is Nixon Street here.

Source:Hopkins-1882@36 shows Union Street and Charles Street (and Nixon Street). The plan of lots through which Union Street runs is labeled "George Breed."

Source:Hopkins-1890-allegheny-vol-1@6–7 show that Union Street has been renamed Taggart Street. Also Charles Street begins just south of modern Izora Street (marked just "lane").

Source:Hopkins-1890-allegheny-vol-2@17 shows Charles Street.

Source:Ordinance-1896-166: "Union st., from Taggart to John, to 'Farris st.'" (Also Nixon changed to Nevada.)

Source:Hopkins-1902-allegheny-vol-2@3 shows Charles Street, now extended to Elwood Avenue (modern Hazelton Street). Index map shows Farris Street, misspelled Ferris, as a little stub going west from where Taggart and Charles meet.

Source:Hopkins-1907-allegheny-vol-1@20 shows Farris Street. Nixon Street has been renamed Nevada Street.

Source:Hopkins-1910@38, 40: No change.

Source:Councils-to-fix-names-of-streets (1910-01-27): "Charles street, one of the oldest thoroughfares on the North Side and after which a street car line has been named, is changed to Taggart street, as a continuation of the latter." (See also Source:Citizens-will-be-strangers.)

Source:Ordinance-1910-715: "Charles, from Taggart to Perrysville, old 2d and 10th wds., changed to Taggart, 25th and 26th wds." (Also, "Maryland av., from Linwood av. to Elkland, old 10th wd., changed to Taggart, 26th wd.")

Source:Ordinance-1915-117: Taggart Street changed to Charles Street North