From Pittsburgh Streets

"Councils to fix names of streets: Will pass finally on new selections ordered reported favorably by surveys committee—Historical Society aids City Clerk Clark: Some changes which are recommended." Pittsburg Press, Jan. 27, 1910, p. 5. 141338336.

Will Pass Finally on New Selections Ordered Reported Favorably by Surveys Committee—Historical Society Aids City Clerk Clark

Now neighbor, it's up to councils to finally fix the name of your street!

City Clerk Robert Clark, aided by the Historical Society and others, has worked long and faithfully trying names on the various streets and yesterday the surveys committee ordered the ordinance rechristening the streets in the Greater City returned to councils with an affirmative recommendation.

In the old list of names there were three Anns and an Anna street. The latter, in the Twenty-sixth ward, North Side, loses its sex, and is changed to Howard, while one of the Anns, also in the same ward, is made Aner.

Banker evidently looked better to the rechristeners than common ordinary Baker, and the latter thoroughfare in the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-sixth wards, was changed to the aforesaid. The notorious Basin alley, the home of the Syrians, becomes Bustrick alley, if you please.

Boquet, on the North Side, is changed to prosy Behan street. District Attorney William A. Blakeley is not forgotten and Branch street, from Ridgway to the Grant boulevard, will henceforth bear the name of the county prosecutor.

Bryn Mawr avenue, Twenty-seventh ward, retains its college airs under the name of Diploma avenue. Oh, you sheepskin!

The horticulturists on the committee were divided on the popularity of the buttercup and the pansy and the poor little plebian yellow buttercup was trampled out of existence. Buttercup alley, in the Fourteenth ward, becomes Pansy alley.


Charles street, one of the oldest thoroughfares on the North Side and after which a street car line has been named, is changed to Taggart street, as a continuation of the latter.

Among the other changes are the following:

Beechwood boulevard from Putnam street to Schenley Park becomes William Pitt boulevard; this same thoroughfare from Frankstown avenue to Haights run bridge becomes Washington boulevard. Grant boulevard is not changed.

East Diamond street, North Side, is changed to Weiser street; West Diamond, to Burd street; North Diamond, to Moody street, and South Diamond, to Stobo street. In the city proper East Diamond street has been changed to Drummond; West Diamond, to Graeme; North Diamond, to Byng, and South Diamond, to Marporie [sic].

Sixth, Seventh and Ninth streets will take the names of the North Side streets in the same line, viz: Federal, Sandusky and Anderson. Eighth street will be called Ellsmere [sic] street; Third street is changed to Barbeau; Fourth street to Fancourt, and Fifth street to Stanwix.

Federal street, Pittsburg proper, is changed to Fernando; Observatory avenue, North Side, to Langley avenue in honor of the deceased astronomer; Riverview avenue to Observatory avenue; Robinson street in the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-sixth wards, North Side, to Rockledge street; Robinson street in the Twenty-second and Twenty-third wards to Reliance street.

South Atlantic avenue, Pittsburg, is changed to Atherton street; Atlantic avenue, North Side, to Atkins street; Bidwell street, Pittsburg, to Devonshire street; Oakland square to Argentina place and North Oakland square to Olindo street; Washington street to Epiphany street, and Washington avenue, North Side, to Columbus avenue.