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  • Spelling: Eveline vs. Evaline?
  • Source:Nevin says: "Mrs. Eveline Gross, the widow of Dr. Gross, is a rich woman. She is the daughter of Peter Winebiddle, the owner of Winebiddle Grove and other large tracts of property out Penn Avenue, and from him inherited a large estate, somewhere near a million dollars." "Peter Winebiddle" seems to be an error: Google knows of no other mentions of this name. Source:Sidney-neff and Source:Beers both show P. Winebiddle on the south side of Penn: this is Philip Winebiddle.
  • Source:Pittsburg-and-her-people-3 says: "John Conrad Winebiddle, Jr., son of the German emigrant and wife, married first, Olive Newton; second, Harriet Fitch Ingalls; by her first husband one child was born, Matilda, who married Dr. Augustus H. Gross." I believe "Matilda" here is an error: it should say Eveline.
  • From John Conrad Winebiddle (1741–1795) married Elizabeth Weitzel (1761–1803), son John Conrad Winebiddle Jr. (1795–1856) married Olive Newton and Harriet Fitch (1802–1867), daughter Evaline Fitch Winebiddle (1823–1888).
  • says John Conrad Winebiddle Sr. married Elizabeth Cunningham. Source:Pittsburg-and-her-people-3@243–244 explains that Elizabeth married William Cunningham after Mr. Winebiddle's death.
  • Source:Ayers-baum also says that Conrad Winebiddle married Elizabeth Weitzel in 1761.
  • "John Conrad Winebiddle Sr., a revolutionary, was born in Germany on March 11, 1741. He and his wife, Elizabeth Taub, raised their four children on the Winebiddle plantation that would subsequently be known as Bloomfield. The mansion shown as well as the Winebiddle estate passed through the hands of John Conrad Winebiddle Jr. to his widow Harriet (Ingalls), her daughter Evaline Gross, wife of Dr. Alexander [sic] Gross, and Evaline's daughter, Mathilda McConnell [sic], by the beginning of the 19th century. This mansion, transferred from Winebiddle ownership in the early 1900s, still stands at 340 Winebiddle Street." Janet Cercone Scullion, Bloomfield, Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, S. C., 2009, ISBN 978-0-7385-6577-4, p. 14.