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Source:van-trump@100: "It is highly probable that the name of his farm became the name of the district, although there are those who feel that it was just a fancy name given to a rising suburban district." This probably refers to Source:history-pgh-environs-2@215–216: "Among the earliest of the annexations to the city was a large section of territory that constituted Oakland township, which had been created from Pitt township. It included the lands from the summit of the hills on the north to the bluffs, and towards the south overlooking the Monongahela river. The district is naturally not only a residential but a business section, with a sub-post office, bank, churches, theatres, hotels, and every variety of retail mercantile houses. The eastern portion retains the name of Bellefield, though it was never a separate municipality, but is merely a fancy name applied to what was once an exclusive residential district, but whose character has been changed by the opening of the Schenley Farms tract and institutions of learning in its immediate vicinity. The name Oakland is preserved by the frequent use of it by churches and business firms. It was annexed to the city in 1868."