North Lincoln Avenue

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Not to be confused with Lincoln Avenue.
North Lincoln Avenue
Neighborhoods Allegheny West, Chateau
Origin of name Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Avenue (until 1910)
Origin of name Abraham Lincoln
Lynndale Avenue (1910–1913)
Origin of name Modification of the original name, Lincoln

North Lincoln Avenue is named for Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), sixteenth President of the United States. It was originally called simply Lincoln Avenue, but in 1910, after Allegheny was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh, it was renamed Lynndale Avenue because Lincoln Avenue was already the name of a street in the East End.[1] George T. Fleming, writing in 1915, was not fond of this name change: "We find on looking it up that Lincoln avenue, North Side, is now Lynndale avenue; nary a lynn or a dale in sight. The name is so utterly without merit that it does not remain in memory and probably only those whose duty it is to remember it, can name it offhand."[2] Lynndale Avenue was renamed North Lincoln Avenue in 1913, thus restoring the original significance of the street name.[3]

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