Negley Run Boulevard

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Negley Run Boulevard
Neighborhoods East Liberty, Highland Park, Larimer
Origin of name Negley Run
Butler Street (until 1914)
Origin of name Richard Butler
Burpee Street (1914–1951)

Negley Run Boulevard is named for its location in Negley Run, which in turn was named for the Negley family, who once owned most of what is now East Liberty and for whom Negley Avenue is named.

"Negley's Run" is mentioned in an 1850 article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.[1] It is labeled on maps of Allegheny County from 1850 and 1851,[2][3] and it appears in an 1858 poem by W. H. Denny:[4]

The path or trail, 'til lately, you might see
In the old woods—not wide—deep worn and dirty,
On Pine Creek, bearing west to "Kush-kush-kee,"
The war and hunting beat of Simon Girty.

And often Girty came down "Girty's Run,"
With his bold lion glance and panther tread;
Hand on his knife, and cocked his rifle gun—
For well he knew a price was on his head.

He swam the river, or if low, he forded,
Where "Wood-cock Ripple" is the crossing still;
Passed the two graves of boys his party murdered,
And went up "Negley's Run" to "Squirrel Hill."

Bob Regan says that Negley Run Boulevard is named for James S. Negley (1826–1901), a Union general in the Civil War and U. S. Representative from Pennsylvania.[5] It is unlikely that Negley Run was named for this Negley in particular. James was the grandson of Alexander Negley, who came to Western Pennsylvania in 1777. He purchased almost 800 acres in the area of modern East Liberty, including the valley now called Negley Run; after his death, he was buried in the valley.[6]

The road along the run is old; it appears in the 1850 and 1851 maps.[2][3] The 1872 Hopkins atlas labels it simply "Township Road."[7] The 1882 edition shows it as the end of Butler Street, coming all the way up from Lawrenceville;[8]:21 this atlas also uses the name Negley Run Road for what is today the part of Washington Boulevard north of Negley Run Boulevard.[8]:20 The part of Butler Street from Washington Boulevard to Collins Avenue (today Collins Street) was renamed Burpee Street in 1914.[9] It became Negley Run Boulevard when it was widened in 1951.[10]

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