Kepler Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Kepler Way
Neighborhood Middle Hill
Origin of name Johannes Kepler
Kirchner Alley (until 1881)
Kepler Alley (1881–1914)
Origin of name Johannes Kepler

Kepler Alley is listed in an 1881 ordinance establishing the names of all streets in the city; the ordinance says it was formerly named Kirchner Alley.[1] It appears in the 1882 Hopkins atlas, extending westward from Somers Street, parallel to and south of Webster Avenue.[2] It became Kepler Way in 1914 when a city ordinance changed all alleys to ways.[3]

Bob Regan includes "Kepler" in a list of streets named for noted historical people;[4] the implied eponym seems to be Johannes Kepler (1571–1630), German astronomer and mathematician, best known for his laws of planetary motion.


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