Hardie Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Hardie Way
Neighborhood South Oakland
Origin of name Rebecca J. Hardie or A. Hardie
Hardie Alley (1886–1914)
Origin of name Rebecca J. Hardie or A. Hardie

This alley was laid out as Hardie Alley in 1886 as part of a plan of lots by Rebecca J. Hardie.[1] The land through which it runs had formerly been owned by A. Hardie.[2] It became Hardie Way in 1914 when an ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[3]

Clifford C. Ham supposes it is named for James Hardie, "who, according to family tradition, started a biscuit factory in South Oakland and later sold it to Nabisco," and who was the great-great-grandfather of Andy Hardie, one of the cofounders of Dave & Andy's Homemade Ice Cream on Atwood Street.[4]


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