Grimes Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Grimes Avenue
Neighborhood Knoxville
Origin of name James F. Grimes

Grimes Avenue is named for James Fribley[a] Grimes (1846[b]–1916), the president[c] of the Knoxville Land Improvement Company, which laid out the streets and lots of the borough of Knoxville in 1872. Knoxville is named after Jeremiah Knox, a preacher and fruit farmer on whose land the borough was built. Grimes had been his secretary before his death.[6][1][2][5][7][3][4]


  1. One source says Findley,[1] but another says Fribley,[2] and obituary notices agree with the latter.
  2. He was 69 at his death on January 8, 1916.
  3. According to most sources.[2][3][4] Another source says general manager and treasurer,[5] while another says "He was in general charge of the company."[1]


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