Garwood Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Garwood Way
Neighborhood Central Lawrenceville
Origin of name Modification of earlier name, Gardners
Gardners Alley (until 1910)
Origin of name G. W. Gardner
Hughes Alley (until 1910)
Origin of name C. Hughes
Garwood Alley (1910–1914)
Origin of name Modification of Gardners

This alley appears, unlabeled, in the 1872 Hopkins atlas.[1] In the 1890 edition, it is given different names on either side of 44th Street: to the northeast, it is labeled Gardners Alley, and to the southwest, Hughes Alley.[2] These names likely refer to residents who lived on the alley: G. W. Gardner at the south corner of the alley and 45th Street, and C. Hughes at the south corner of the alley and Rosencranz Alley (today Rosecrans Way).[2]

In 1910, three years after the annexation of Allegheny into the city of Pittsburgh, over 900 street names were changed in order to eliminate duplicates. Gardners Alley conflicted with Gardner Street in Troy Hill, and there was another Hughes Alley in what is now Marshall-Shadeland, so the two alleys in Lawrenceville were together renamed Garwood Alley.[3] The new name was presumably just a modification of the name Gardner.

Garwood Alley became Garwood Way in 1914 when an ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[4]


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