Galveston Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Galveston Avenue
Neighborhoods Allegheny West, Central Northside
Origin of name Galveston, Texas
Grant Avenue (until 1910)
Origin of name Ulysses S. Grant

Galveston Avenue was originally called Grant Avenue, named for Ulysses S. Grant (1822–1885), Union general during the American Civil War and eighteenth President of the United States.[1][2]

In 1910, after the annexation of Allegheny into the city of Pittsburgh, over 900 streets were renamed to fix duplication. Grant Avenue was renamed Galveston Avenue, after Galveston, Texas, because of the naming conflict with Grant Street downtown; the new name is unrelated to the old except that they both begin with G.[1][2][3]

George T. Fleming, writing in 1914, was not fond of the new name. He complained: "Grant street, Pittsburgh, and Grant avenue in Allegheny were patent duplicates, the distinction street and avenue entirely lost on the stupid, hence the change Grant avenue to Galveston, a seaport in Texas, very close history indeed, to say naught of geography."[2]


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