Beechview Avenue

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Not to be confused with Beechwood Boulevard.
Beechview Avenue
Neighborhood Beechview
Origin of name Neighborhood of Beechview
Seventh Avenue (1903–1908)
Origin of name Sequential numbering from west side of West Liberty Plan No. 2

This street was laid out as Seventh Avenue in 1903 by the Beechwood Improvement Company.[1][2] It was renamed Beechview Avenue by a Beechview borough ordinance in 1908.[3][4]

Beechview Borough was established in 1905[5] and annexed to the City of Pittsburgh in 1909.[6] It is said to have been named for the many beech trees growing there.[7][8] It seems likely that the name was at least partly influenced by the Beechwood Improvement Company, the developer. This company's earlier developments were in the East End near Beechwood Boulevard,[9][10][11][12][13] which was likely the source of its name.

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