Woof Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Woof Way
Neighborhood East Liberty
Origin of name The woof, the threads carried by the shuttle in weaving

There's a tiny little alley in East Liberty called Woof Way. Named by a dog lover, perhaps? Well, not exactly. One of the intersecting alleys, Shuttle Way, provides a clue: their names are weaving terms. In fact, the other intersecting alley, Frazee Way, was originally named Warp Way, as shown in the 1924 Hopkins street atlas.[1] A shuttle, of course, is the wooden piece that holds yarn to be passed back and forth between the warp threads on a loom; the woof, or weft, is the resulting threads that run perpendicular to the warp. So Warp Way and Woof Way are quite appropriate names for intersecting alleys!


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