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The {{volume}} template formats a volume number.

The volume number can be surrounded by square brackets ([...]) to indicate that the volume is not actually numbered (so the volume number has been inferred). In this case, {{volume}} will insert vol. inside the brackets.

A prefix phrase (such as "supplement to") can be added in parentheses before the volume number. Similarly, a note can be added in parentheses after the volume number.

Usage examples

  • {{volume|2}} → vol. 2
  • {{volume|XXI}} → vol. XXI
  • {{volume|[11]}} → [vol. 11]
  • {{volume|2 (atlas)}} → vol. 2 (atlas)
  • {{volume|[4] (biographical)}} → [vol. 4] (biographical)
  • {{volume|(supplement to) 3}} → supplement to vol. 3
  • {{volume}}