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The {{subref}} template is used to cite one reference inside another. It transcludes the named source with is-subref=true. A page number or page range can be specified by using the @ symbol.

Usage examples

  • {{subref|beers}} → S. N. & F. W. Beers, Map of Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania, Smith, Gallup & Hewitt, Philadelphia, 1862 (LCCN 2012592151)
  • {{subref|municipal-record-1874@98}}The Municipal Record: Containing the proceedings of the Select and Common Councils of the City of Pittsburgh, together with the ordinances, &c.: With an index, vol. VII, p. 98, Pittsburgh Daily Gazette, Pittsburgh, 1874 (Internet Archive pghmunicipalrecord1874, pghmunicipalrecord1872)
  • {{subref}}