Template:Source anchors/doc

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The {{source anchors}} template is used to include a list of anchors for a source on the source page.

At the end of the source page, add the following snippet:

<noinclude>{{source anchors}}</noinclude>

For a newly created source, this will create a redlink pointing to the anchors subpage, which you can then edit.

Sources that use {{source anchors}} will be added to Category:Sources with anchors.

By default this will include the anchors associated with the page the {{source anchors}} template is transcluded in (for example, using {{source anchors}} in Source:Thurston-1856 will show the content from Source:Thurston-1856/anchors). If you would like to show the anchors for a different page, you can specify it using the page parameter, e.g., {{source anchors|page=Source:Riddle}}. Specifying the page parameter prevents the categorization in Category:Sources with anchors.