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The {{note}} template creates a footnote within the text of an article. An article that uses footnotes should have a "Notes" section, after the article text but before the "References" section, whose only content is the {{notes}} template.

Footnotes can use {{r}} to cite sources.

The set of symbols used for the footnote superscripts is defined in MediaWiki:Cite link label group-note. But this does not apply to the list items in the "Notes" section, which have to be styled with CSS.

Usage examples

Bayard Street is named for Col.{{note|This is an abbreviation for Colonel.}} Stephen Bayard (1744?{{note|According to Wiley.{{r|wiley}}}}–1815).



Bayard Street is named for Col.[a] Stephen Bayard (1744?[b]–1815).


  1. This is an abbreviation for Colonel.
  2. According to Wiley.[1]


  1. Richard T. Wiley. "Colonel Stephen Bayard, his wife, and their town." Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, vol. 18, no. 1, Mar. 1935, pp. 7–25. https://journals.psu.edu/wph/article/view/1715. [view source]wiley