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The {{name}} template formats the name of a person or organization, e.g., an author.

See also {{names}}.

Full syntax

Template with all parameters Parameter Description
prefix One or more prefixes (such as Mrs.). This should not be used for honorary prefixes like "Dr." or "Prof." The need to support prefixes arises because there are authors who use a name of the form "Mrs. Elvert M. Davis"—the prefix "Mrs." is essential here (the author is not Elvert M. Davis, but rather his wife).
first One or more first (given) names.
last One or more last (family) names. This field should also be used for the whole name of an organization or a person with a single name.
suffix One or more suffixes (such as Jr.).
note A note to append to the end of the name (such as [pseudonym]).

Usage examples

  • {{name|first=John|last=Forbes}} → John Forbes
  • {{name|last=Allegheny City Society}} → Allegheny City Society
  • {{name|prefix=Mrs.|first=Elvert M.|last=Davis}} → Mrs. Elvert M. Davis
  • {{name|first=Chester M.|last=Smith|suffix=Jr.}} → Chester M. Smith, Jr.
  • {{name|first=William|last=Penn|note=[pseudonym]}} → William Penn [pseudonym]