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The {{join}} template joins strings with a specified separator. If the separator is not specified, the strings will be separated by a comma and a space.


Parameter Description
sep The separator to insert between the strings being joined. The default is a comma and a space (,{{space}}). Because of MediaWiki parser antics, leading and trailing spaces should be specified as {{space}}; leading colons and semicolons should be specified as {{colon}} and {{;}}, respectively.
penult The separator to use immediately before the last string when at least two strings are being joined. If penult is not specified, then sep is used.
two-sep The separator to use when exactly two strings are being joined. This overrules penult in this case. If two-sep is not specified, then penult is used; if penult is also not specified, then sep is used.

Usage examples

Basic usage

  • {{join|one|two|three}} → one, two, three
  • {{join|one|two|three|four|five|six|seven|eight|nine|ten|eleven|twelve|thirteen|fourteen|fifteen|sixteen|seventeen|eighteen|nineteen|twenty}} → one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty
  • {{join|one||three||five}} → one, three, five
  • {{join||two||four||six}} → two, four, six
  • {{join}}

Specifying a separator

  • {{join|sep={{colon}}{{space}}|one|two|three}} → one: two: three

Using two-sep

  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|one}} → one
  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|one|two}} → one, two
  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|one|two|three}} → one; two; three
  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|||three}} → three
  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|||three||five}} → three, five
  • {{join|sep={{;}}{{space}}|two-sep=,{{space}}|||three||five||||nine}} → three; five; nine

Using penult

  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}|one}} → one
  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}|one|two}} → one and two
  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}|one|two|three}} → one, two and three
  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}||||four}} → four
  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}||||four||six}} → four and six
  • {{join|penult={{space}}and{{space}}||||four||six||||ten}} → four, six and ten

Using penult and two-sep

  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|one}} → one
  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|one|two}} → one and two
  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|one|two|three}} → one, two, and three
  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|||||five}} → five
  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|||||five|||eight}} → five and eight
  • {{join|penult=, and{{space}}|two-sep={{space}}and{{space}}|||||five|||eight|||eleven}} → five, eight, and eleven