Source notes:Ordinance-1934-360

From Pittsburgh Streets

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  • Alta Way from Plan line north of Alta Street to Octave Way 19th Ward, changed to Athlone Way.
  • Breckenridge Street from Reed Street to Allequippa Street 5th Ward, changed to Brackenridge Street.
  • Emahlia Street from Poland Street to Hazelwood Avenue 15th Ward, changed to Emahlea Street.
  • Idolia Street from Du Bois Street to Cana Way 20th Ward, changed to Idola Street.
  • Indiana Avenue from Chartiers Avenue to Idolia Street 20th Ward, changed to Du Bois Street.
  • Jason Street from Penrose Street to Pawpaw Way 15th Ward, changed to Jason Way.
  • Orinoco Street from First angle south of Kilbourne Street to Electric Street 15th Ward, changed to Nordica Street.
  • Poland Street from Plan line south of Hill Top Street to Plan line north of Emahlia Street 15th Ward, changed to Georgekay Road.
  • Troy Hill Road from Lowrie Street to Ley Street 24th Ward, changed to Ley Street.
  • Troy Hill Road from Ley Street to Wickline's Lane 24th Ward, changed to Rialto Street.
  • Way Way from Volt Way to Electric Street 15th Ward, changed to Nordica Street.