Source notes:Ordinance-1927-392

From Pittsburgh Streets

To do

  • Aschenez Street, from Kelvin Street to property line, Twentieth ward, changed to Adon Street
  • Brashear Street, from Juniata Place to Dallas Avenue, Fourteenth ward, changed to Juniata Place
  • Brownsville Avenue, from Carson Street East to Warrington Avenue East, Seventeenth and Eighteenth wards, changed to Arlington Avenue
  • Nest Way, from Arlington Avenue to property line, Eighteenth ward, changed to Cedarhurst Street
  • Pegg Street, from Beltzhoover Avenue to Guyman Way, Eighteenth ward, changed to Edgemont Street
  • The Boulevard of the Allies, from 593.03 feet east of Brady Street to Craft Avenue, Fourth ward, changed to Forbes Street