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Aliquippa: Named after an "Indian Queen" who lived on the site of McKeesport about 1755.

Chautauqua: Seneca word meaning "One has taken out fish there".

Conestoga: Of Iroquois origin meaning "The great magic land".

Guy: A contraction of Guyasuta, alias Kiasutha, meaning "It sets up a cross".

Iowa: Derived from the Dakota word ayuhba, meaning "drowsy".

Juniata: An Iroquois word, a variant of the more common Oneida, meaning "The people of the standing rock".

Kennebec: "Long Water Place".

Montour: Named for Captain Montour, a half-breed, and a valuable ally to the English.

Natchez: Commemorates the Cherokee Indian tribe.

Osceola: A noted Seminole leader.

Pocussett: The old spelling was "Pocasset" meaning, "Where a strait widens out".

Sandusky: From the Huron word "Otsaandosti", meaning "Cool water".

Sewickley: The name is derived from that of an Indian tribe. "The place of sweet water trees".

Tuscarora: "Hemp gathers".

Winona: "The first born child of a daughter".