From Pittsburgh Streets

Carl Wilhelm. Complete History of the City of Allegheny, Pennsylvania: Officially authorized by the Centennial Committee: Beginning with the first dwelling that was ever built within its limits by white man, and giving an account of the thrilling incidents in the life of the early settlers, their struggles for supremacy with the savage and blood-thirsty Indians, their many acts of heroism, their martyrdom in the cause of civilizatition [sic], and their final triumph; also a full and accurate account of the social, educational and industrial development of Allegheny from that period up to the present day, with appendix containing full account of semi-centennial, July 17. Pittsburgh Photo-Engraving Co., Pittsburgh, 1890. Google Books 3v9HAQAAMAAJ; HathiTrust 009607525, 100692559; Internet Archive completehistoryo00wilh.