From Pittsburgh Streets
Thirty-one Given New Designations to Avoid Duplication.

An ordinance changing the names of 31 streets in the Twenty-eighth ward, formerly Westwood borough, was passed finally yesterday by council. The change was requested by the postal authorities to avoid duplication of street names within the city.

The changes follow:

Breeze alley to Wynde way, Brown avenue to Jerome street, Edwards avenue to Norwell street, Grace street tot Woxall street, Hampton avenue to Talma street, Herbert avenue to Redland street, Humbert alley to Kemp way, Idabelle street to Onset street, Johnson alley to Arab way, Kenyon avenue to Bartow street, Linden alley to Santoy way, Loretto street to Newfield street, Marion lane to Newfield street, Neven avenue to Neven street, Oxford avenue to Oxford street, Princeton place to Ledgedale street, Shady boulevard to Denisonview street, Stanley avenue to Irondale street, West Amherst street to Highman street, West Cambridge avenue to Shadyhill road, West Chess street to Ovid street, West Columbia avenue to Colescott street, West Cornell avenue to Queensbury street, West Dean avenue to Shadyhill road, West Denison avenue to Denisonview street, West Harvard avenue to Hartwell street, West Lehigh avenue to Lynch street, West Lewis street to Adger street, West Oberlin avenue to Vinemount street, West Pennsylvania avenue to Altaview street, West Yale avenue to Clearview avenue.