From Pittsburgh Streets
Seldom Seen, Part of Lower St. Clair Township, Annexed to City

Pittsburgh's area was increased by approximately 52 acres and its population by about the same number, when Judge Thomas J. Ford signed an order yesterday morning through which Seldom Seen, formerly part of Lower St. Clair township, was admitted into the city. Assistant City Solicitor Stewart Dunn presented a petition, made in behalf of the mayor, asking the judge to sign the order. A panorama of the annexation is shown above. The view was taken from a point near the former boundary line of the Eighteenth ward. This line has been extended to take in four of the 52 acres just made part of the city. The remaining 48 acres will be included in the Twentieth ward. The creek winding through Seldom Seen is Saw Mill Run. The railroad is the West Side Belt branch of the Pittsburgh & West Virginia railroad. The annexation was made possible under a law passed at the last session of the Legislature providing that a portion of a township completely surrounded by a city can be annexed to the city. Seldom Seen was surrounded by Beechview, West End and Mount Washington.