From Pittsburgh Streets

R. L. Polk & Co. Polk's Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) City Directory, 1930: Including Brentwood and Mount Oliver Boroughs, Banksville and the recent annexations to the City of Pittsburgh known as Brierly Plan, Calhoun Park Plan, Carrick, Crafton Heights, Hays Borough, Knoxville, Lincoln Place, McElhany Plan, Mifflin Township, Overbrook, Parkview Plan, Penn Township, Ross Township and Westwood; containing an alphabetical directory of business concerns and private citizens, a directory of householders, occupants of office buildings and other business places, including a complete street and avenue guide and much information of a miscellaneous character; also a buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory, vol. LXXV. R. L. Polk & Co., Pittsburgh, 1930. Pgh1930CDM; Historic Pittsburgh 31735055722841.