From Pittsburgh Streets

"Police docket pointers." Pittsburg Dispatch, Dec. 8, 1891, p. 9. 76229791.


John Hunt, of McClure avenue, Allegheny, was arrested yesterday for beating his wife.

John McArdle, of the West End, was sent ten days to jail yesterday for beating his wife.

James Marvin, who lives with his sister at No. 2815 Jane street, was sent 30 days to the workhouse yesterday for breaking up the furniture.

Nelson Sommers, colored, who cut Henry Harris' throat at the Central Hotel, was committed to jail yesterday to await further hearing by Alderman Gripp.

Patrick Lynch, arrested for attempting to rob Wattles jewelry store with Harry Kennedy, was sent to jail yesterday for court. He and Kennedy will be tried at the same time.

M. Adler, who lives at No. 24 Congress street, made an information before Alderman Richards yesterday charging Blair Punch, a boy, with aggravated assault and battery. Punch hit him with a brick.

Chief of Police Janson, of Milwaukee, came to the city yesterday and had a short talk with Larry Murray, now in jail for attempting to burglarize the Bevmer residence at Bellefied [sic]. Murray is not wanted in Milwaukee.

David Liberty was arrested at the market house last evening by Officer Fowler on complaint of a woman who had lost her pocketbook, and alleged Liberty had taken it. The latter, who claims to be from Boston, was locked up.

Mrs. Gotthoff, a resident of Lowrie street, Allegheny, reported to Officer Snydar last night that some one had entered her store during the afternoon and purloined a pocketbook containing two gold rings and a small sum of money.

Ira Webb, 16 years old, was arrested yesterday on complaint of the matron of the Protestant Orphans' Home, on Anderson street. The boy was an inmate of the home and got beyond the matrons control. He was sent to Morganza.

Perer [sic] Maloney was arrested last night on a charge of disorderly character. He entered a saloon on Wylie avenue, and because the proprietor would not sell him a drink he went outside and threw a stone through the plate glass window.

At 11 o'clock last night the police were called to a house in "Chicken" alley, off Diamond street, where four women and a man were drinking beer and raising a disturbance. The landlady, Mary Sullivan, and the other four people were all locked up.

John and Michael Staresenich were committed to jail last night by Alderman McNierney, of Penn avenue, on charges of felonious assault and battery preferred by Peter Trawisch, of Etna. The men are held for trial at court, and are alleged to have nearly killed the wife of the prosecutor by the use of knives at a wedding at Etna some two weeks ago.