From Pittsburgh Streets

No. 144.

AN ORDINANCE—Authorizing the opening of Berlin alley, from Fifty-first street to Fifty-second street.

Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted by the City of Pittsburgh in Select and Common Councils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by authority of the same, That the City Engineer be and he is hereby authorized and directed to survey and open within sixty days from the date of the passage of this ordinance Berlin alley, from Fifty-first street to Fifty-second street, at a width of 20 feet in accordance with Siebert & Keil's plan of lots on file in the Engineer's office approved by Councils 5th day of October, 1874. The damages caused thereby and the benefits to pay the same to be assessed and collected in accordance with the provisions of an Act of Assembly entitled, "An Act concerning Streets and Sewers in the City of Pittsburgh," approved January 6th, 1864, and the several supplements thereto.

Sec. 2. That any ordinance or part of ordinance conflicting with the passage of this ordinance at the present time, be and the same is hereby repealed, so far as the same affects this ordinance.

Passed January 11, 1886.

Approved January 15, 1886.

Ordinance Book 5, page 395.