From Pittsburgh Streets
Esplen Is Fortieth Ward—Will Be Visited by Principal Officials.

The ordinance under which it is proposed that all firemen and engineers employed in the city of Pittsburgh shall be licensed, has been revised to bring it into conformity with the law on the subject and will be reported by the special committee in charge of it to the finance committee which meets this afternoon. There is little doubt that the bill will be affirmatively recommended to councils by the committee.

S. J. Wainwright, chairman of the special committee, said yesterday that the original bill drawn under the direction of the Engineers' society was in direct contradiction with the law in many particulars, and that the special committee had given a good deal of attention to revising it and putting it into the proper shape. A great deal of assistance had been given by Assistant Controller E. S. Morrow, whose suggestions had for the most part been followed.

Work for Boiler Inspector.

The ordinance as it will come from the committee provides for the employment of a boiler inspector at a salary of $2,000. The boiler inspector will not have any boilers to inspect, however, except those owned by the city. His principal duty will be to examine and issue licenses to all firemen and engineers. The ordinance has been the subject of considerable controversy this is not likely to end with the mere appointment of the inspector and the beginning of his duties.

The borough of Esplen yesterday became the Fortieth ward of Pittsburgh, but no provision has been made for taking care of it in that capacity, and it is probable that the borough government will remain in control for some days. Assistant Controller Morrow said yesterday that none of the officials of the borough had been in to render an account of its fiscal affairs, and that unless they came of themselves he would send for them in a few days.

Directory Harry Moore, of the department of public safety, expects a call from some of the officials to-day in the interest of securing fire and police protection and other conveniences. He said that an early date would be set for a visit to the new ward of the principal officials.

Are Now City Councilmen.

The members of the council of the borough all become members of the common council of Pittsburgh, having one vote among them, and the ward will elect a select councilman at the coming election. The last act of the borough council was to pass an ordinance granting a franchise sought by the Lake Erie Railroad Company which was repealed by the burgess. This franchise will now have to be obtained from Pittsburgh councils if obtained at all.