From Pittsburgh Streets

"Historical society discusses lives of early Pittsburgh men." Pittsburgh Gazette Times, Feb. 9, 1926, p. 8. 86463468.

Historical Society Discusses Lives of Early Pittsburgh Men

Following the reading of a paper on "The Washington Crossing Bridge," prepared by Miss Mary Louise Watts and read by Mrs. I. K. Teal, at the meeting yesterday afternoon in the Congress Club House of the Woman's Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, the lives and achievements of Gen. Wilkins, Benjamin Darlington, George A. Bayard, Judge George Wallace, Maj. Isaac Craig and Col. Presley Neville were discussed.

All played prominent roles in the history of Pittsburgh and vicinity and districts, streets and buildings of the city and neighborhood are named after them. Wilkinsburg is named after Gen. Wilkins, the speakers said, and Darlington, Bayard, Craig and Neville streets are named after the men of those surnames. The immediate descendants of these men were named, among them Neville B. Craig, Jr., who at one time was editor of the Pittsburgh Gazette Times. He resided in the Oakland district.

Mrs. J. B. Scott discussed the achievements of Col. Presley Neville, a friend of Washington, and Mrs. Philip Kussart, a member of the program committee, gave a sketch of each of the men. The program also included musical numbers, with Mrs. W. A. Caldwell singing a group of solos and Mrs. T. S. Sinclair singing "Sylvia" to her own accompaniment. Mrs. Viola Ryan acted as chairman of the program and Mrs. George E. Totten, the president, presided.

At the meeting of February 22 in the Congress Club House a colonial tea will be held with a musical program as a feature. Mrs. Carl Scheffer will act as chairman and Mrs. G. A. Palmer as usher.