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Even Residents Confused On Street With 3 Names
Cab Drivers Shun It, Strangers and Postmen Suffer; Council Asked for Help

If you see a cab driver with glazed eyes coming from Westwood, you'll know he has been trying to find an address on what used to be sensibly named and numbered Shady Blvd.

Conditions have become so nerve wracking for cab drivers, postmen and strangers that the occupants of the neighborhood have sent a plea to Council, asking to be rescued from what they call "confusion."

The trouble began, according to the petitioners, when Westwood was annexed to the city as the 28th Ward and Shady Blvd. was paved for its entire length.

Evidently the old street signs were tossed into the concrete mixer—and an ambitious street-namer went to work, giving not one, but three, names to the old boulevard.

They are Dennistonview St., Shadyhill Rd., and Highman St.

"It's lucky we know the location of our own homes," commented the neighbors.

Their troubles grew worse. House numbers began playing tricks. If you found 1317 Highman St., you'd normally look for 1316 or 1318 across the street. But no, they were a block away.

To make the tangle worse, a dirt road named Shadyhill Rd., branches off Shadyhill Rd.

"It is difficult to find a cab driver who is willing to make the trip unless the passenger definitely knows the way," said the petitioners.

The S. O. S. was turned over to a Councilmanic Committee for consideration.