From Pittsburgh Streets

No. 173.

DEDICATION—Of Irwin place, from Forty-second street to Forty-fourth street.

Whereas, I, Charles I. Travelli, of the City of Pittsburgh, county of Allegheny, and State of Pennsylvania, have laid out and opened, and graded and paved at my own expense a certain street situate in the Seventeenth ward of the City of Pittsburgh aforesaid, which street is of the width of fifty feet, and extends from Forty-second to Forty-fourth street, and is called Irwin place, and is shown upon a certain plan of steeets [sic] made by me and duly approved by the proper authorities of the City of Pittsburgh aforesaid.

Now, Know All Men by These Presents, That I, the said Charlies [sic] I. Travelli, do hereby dedicate and grant the said street and highway to and for public use as one of the streets and highways of the City of Pittsburgh aforesaid; provided that the same shall be taken and accepted by said city at its present grade as the legal grade thereof, and as at present paved and sewered by me.

Excepting and reserving, however, from the operation of this grant the land now occupied by a certain bay window of my dwelling house abutting upon said street for such period of time as I, my heirs or assigns may see proper to keep and maintain said dwelling house and bay window as now located and constructed.

Witness my hand and seal this 29th day of September, A. D., one thousand, eight hundred and ninety.

Chas. I. Travelli.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us

George M. Weed,
George A. Blaney.

State of Massachusetts,
County of Suffolk.
} ss.

Be it remembered that on the 2d day of October, A. D. 1890, before me, a Notary Public, in and for said county came the above named Charles I. Travelli, and acknowledged the foregoing grant and dedication to be his act and deed, and desired that the same might be recorded as such.

Witness my hand and notarial seal the day and year aforesaid.

[seal] George M. Weed,
Notary Public,
for Suffolk county.

Read, accepted and approved November 27, 1890.

Ordinance Book 7, page 579.