From Pittsburgh Streets
Crooked Way and Other Streets.

Pittsburgh has a Fore street and a Golf avenue. There's a Card lane and an Ace way, a King avenue, a Queen street and a Jack way. (Oh, yes—and Riffle way.) Your correspondent looked hopefully for a Deuces Wild way, but with his usual luck. It's too bad when a guy can't even find a deuce on the map!

The burg is punctuated by an Asterisk way, a Hyphen way, and a Dot way. There's a Crooked way on Mt. Washington, but the Northside boasts an Old Honesty street. The names of the avenues and streets aren't so funny, but the gent who tagged the alleys certainly went to town. For instance, Charley way.

Caruso way and Highnote way seem to go together. Also Aquatic way and Canoe way. To say nothing of Cake way and Fudge way. Then you'll find a Back way, a Front way, a Rear way and a Side way. (I know this is silly, but it's a living!) And the official namer came pretty close when he christened a Southside alley Milka way.

There's an Appian way, of course. And a Conductor way and a Fireman way. There's a Fred way, too—the Sewickley steamboat captain and author might like to know. And Pittsburghers, if they care to, can take Relief way or Reno way. Or Telephone way. And by the way—this is making me screwy—I can't help wondering if there's any concrete in Abstract street!

If you're still there, Pa Pitt's village has a Private way and a Quick way, a Halfway way and a Mid way, a Path way and a Nice way. Oh, yes—and a Way way, of all things! And that's about all on street directories for today. Your columnist will be—there really is one—On way!