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Confusion in Westwood May End Under New Plan
City Hopes to Close the Strange Case Of Dazed Delivery Boys on Highman Sts.

The strange case of the multiple Highman Sts. in Westwood appears to be nearing a conclusion.

Public Works Director James S. Devlin submitted a proposal to City Council yesterday that he hopes—and Westwood hopes with him—will end the confusion.

Before, anguished residents had complained that taxi drivers and delivery boys refused to enter the maze. Sometimes, they said, they weren't sure what street they lived on themselves.

Depending on the way you looked at it, there were either two or three separate Highman Sts. in the space of a few square blocks. The way one man looked at it there were three, and he lived on the corner of two of them. To add to his unhappiness the City Directory listed his house as being on Shadyhill Rd.

Under the new plan the unpaved section of Shadyhill Rd. will be given a new name. The main paved street, which is variously Shadyhill and Highman, will be made all Shadyhill.

A Council committee will study eight suggested names for the unpaved section of Shadyhill.

They are: Westerest Rd., Moorhaven Rd., Limestone Rd., Locustmere Rd., Fieldstone Rd., Elmsdale Rd. and Rosewick Rd.

Veteran residents, who are used to seeing new street signs bob up, will recall that it was once before known as Rosewick Rd.