From Pittsburgh Streets
Bids Received for Signs. Downtown Thoroughfares in Revision List.

Following the opening of bids yesterday for enamel street signs by Director of Supplies Franklin P. Booth, 500 blue and white markers soon will be placed at street intersections. Sixth street, Seventh street and Ninth street, downtown thoroughfares the names of which were changed a few years ago to Federal, Sandusky and Anderson streets, respectively, and which were recently given their old names by council, will be among the streets to have new signs.

The revision of street names was several years ago accomplished after much labor on the part of council, postoffice authorities, the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania and other organizations.

Among the changes are the following: Baltimore street, Nineteenth ward, to Broadway; Blakeley, Fifth ward, to Morgan; Breedshill, Tenth ward, to Hillcrest; Broadway street, Twenty-sixth ward, to Benvue; Chestnut, Second ward, to Sixteenth; Elston, Twelfth ward, to Eastchester; Everett, Eleventh and Twelfth wards, to Hamilton avenue; Excelsior, Eighteenth ward, to Edgemont; Forward avenue, Fourteenth ward, to Saline; Forest place, Fourth ward, to Virgila place; Hornehurst, Eleventh ward, to Jackson.