From Pittsburgh Streets

"Benefit lawn fete." Pittsburg Press, Aug. 18, 1907, p. 10. 142133602.

Benefit Lawn Fete.

A lawn fete for the benefit of the Church of the Advent will be held Friday and Saturday evenings next, at the Old Fleming homestead, No. 3100 Pioneer avenue, West Liberty. The Church of the Advent is one of the new congregations which have resulted from the rapid growth of the section beyond the Mt. Washington tunnel. The congregation have a pretty new church building on the Old Fleming homestead property and it will be dedicated September 8 by Bishop Cortland Whitehead of the Pittsburg diocese. The lawn fete is for the purpose of completing the church without debt.

The committees in charge of the lawn fete were: Grounds—Walter H. Fleming, L. F. Slater, George S. Eveson, Walter Hood, Edwin Stevenson.

Candy booth—Mrs. Thomas B. Knowlson, Mrs. Walter Hood, Miss Lydia E. Fleming, Miss Josephine Mattern, Miss Mary B. McMillen, Mrs. Dr. Lake.

Fancy and bric-a-brac booth—Mrs. Edwin Stevenson, Mrs. Dr. R. K. Fleming, Miss Annie Lathwood, Miss Bertha Eveson and Miss Nellie Goldthorp.

Ice Cream booth—Mrs. L. F. Slater, Mrs. George Dalby, Miss Emily Clark and Mrs. Fred Groves.

Sandwich and coffee booth—Mrs. Rockliffe, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Paul, Miss Edith Rockliffe, Miss Harley, Mrs. George E. Eveson and Mrs. Harry G. Parker.

Lemonade and orange booth—Miss Myrtle E. Smith, Miss Bywster [sic], Alma Love, Ada Parker, Lottie Digby, Mabel Rockliffe, Edna Schoppe, Olga Uhl, Nita Uhl and Margaret Brown.

Fish pond—George French, Clyde Love and Kepner Haas.

Postoffice—W. Lee Mollwain, Roy Love, Earl Jenkins and Hamilton Haas.