From Pittsburgh Streets
Antenna Tower Completed For Radio Station WWSW
Slender Spire Rises 350 Feet on Northside Hill; New Transmitter Building Under Way.

The last section of a slender tower, rising 350 feet in the air on a Northside hill, yesterday was swung slowly into place, then bolted fast to complete the new vertical antenna of Pittsburgh's youngest radio station, WWSW.

The tower, high on a hill of Fineview and visible for miles, is the newest forward step of the radio station that was introduced to Pittsburgh radio listeners just eight years ago. The station's progress has been "planned progress," according to its executives. The new antenna is just one of the many steps in the complete program for "the new WWSW" which will give this station, with its studios in the Keystone Hotel, one of the finest plants in the country.

In addition to the new antenna, construction is in progress on a new transmitter building which will house the most modern type transmitters.

Officials of WWSW state that the complete new equipment will push operating efficiency bounds ahead and, coupled with the recently granted increase of night time power, will give WWSW greater and more effective coverage of the district.

With work being rushed on all construction, the new set-up is scheduled to go into operation about October 16.